Wedding Planning Tips

Christmas is a very popular time for couples to ‘pop the question’ and if you’ve just recently got engaged, then CONGRATULATIONS! Once you’ve told all your family and friends your fantastic news and shown everyone your shiny new ‘rock’, it’s time to start the daunting task of planning an actual wedding! For most brides, this will be something you’ve never done before, so just getting your head around what’s even involved, is a job in itself. Here are our top wedding planning tips for how to get started..

Wedding Planning Tips



Think About What Kind Of Day You Want

First off, before you get carried away thinking about whether or not your bridal bouquet should be a round posy or tear-drop cascade, sit down together and discuss the kind of wedding you want and what is most important to you. It’s good to understand what your priorities are before you start. Do you both want a big traditional wedding? Do you want a civil or religious ceremony? Is your wedding going to have a particular style or theme? Parents may also expect to have some input here too!

Once you have an idea of what kind of day you would like, next step is to plan a budget. Chances are you’ll completely blow it but starting out with a budget in mind will help you when you start the planning process.

Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning Tips Are Everywhere!

Recently married family are friends are a great source of information about what you need to do to organise a wedding, so they are an obvious source for advice. Wedding fayres and blogs are also great to give you an idea of what is available and what current trends are. Wedding suppliers also have lots of experience of weddings, so don’t be shy of asking their advice of how things are done. Many wedding suppliers will also share helpful advice on their blogs.. check out our Guides for Brides for advice about photography.

Wedding Planning Tips


Big Things First

Get the big things sorted first. Venues, photographers and videographers get booked up very quickly, especially for Saturdays over the summer, so get these sorted first. Choosing the dress can also take a while, so don’t leave this too late!


You Don’t Need To Have Everything

Planning all the little details of the wedding can be great fun but it easy to get bogged-down with all the things that everyone is telling you, you simply must have to make your wedding perfect. Remember those priorities you agreed when you started out? No one will think any the worse of you if you decide you don’t actually need the bouncy castle or string quartet.

Wedding Planning Tips

Don’t leave your DIY tasks too late!

Thoughtful, hand-made details add a lovely personal touch to a wedding but don’t under-estimate how long it will take to make 120 wedding favours or stitch half a mile of bunting! We know a lot of brides (and grooms!) who spent the last few days before their wedding frantically making place name cards or wedding favours. The last few weeks before the wedding will be hectic, so get your home-made items ticked off early and don’t be shy of roping-in anyone who volunteers to help out!