Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

If you search the internet for wedding photographers in your area you’ll no doubt find that there are hundreds to choose from! In today’s digital age, it seems that it doesn’t take much more than the ownership of a smart DSLR camera to set yourself up as a ‘professional’ wedding photographer.. so just how can you be sure that you choose someone who you can be confident will do a good job at your wedding? – After all, if you make the wrong decision and don’t get the wedding photographs you were expecting, you can’t exactly go back and fix it!

Here are some tips from us for things you should look for when choosing your wedding photographer..

Not all photographers are the same!

Each photographer will have an identifiable style to their images. Take a good look through the work on their website and make sure that their style appeals to you.

Take a look at our GALLERIES to see the sort of photography that we like to make.

Great Images ALL Day

Make sure that the photographer can show you a comprehensive range of images from a single wedding. It is quite easy for a photographer to ‘cherry-pick’ the best images from a range of weddings but you need to be confident that they can consistently take good photos through the varying conditions of a single wedding day… inside, outside, in daylight and in poor or low light.

Even if your wedding is in August, if you can see that your photographer can produce great images in poor light, that strongly suggests that they have a good grasp of the technical elements of photography.

Friendly & Likeable

We always recommend meeting your photographer(s) before deciding to book them. The photographer will be quite closely involved with nearly all aspects of your wedding day – so you need to make sure you get on and that you are relaxed in front of them!!

Also, a lot of people say that they don’t particularly like having their photo taken (it’s not so bad.. honest!).. even if you feel a bit awkward in front of the camera, if you are comfortable with your photographer – you will look more relaxed and natural in your photos!


Different photographers price differently, which can make it very difficult to compare photography packages. Make sure it is clear what is being included in the price.. some photographers who quote for all-day coverage’ don’t actually include the images and will make an extra charge for them!  Also, be sure to ask if there will be other additional costs such as for travel or food?

If your package includes digital images, how many photos will you get and will the resolution of those files be big enough for you to print them yourself? How much time will the photographer spend editing the images, to really make them as good as possible (this can make a BIG difference to the quality of the images)? If your package includes an album, what size will it be and how many pages will it contain? If you are planning to order prints or an album after the wedding, do you have an idea what they will cost?

Two of Everything

Don’t be afraid to ask a photographer something about the kit they use (..we love an opportunity to talk about that geeky stuff!) – a professional photographer will always have two of everything as cameras and other equipment can break, usually at quite inopportune moments.. (believe us – we know!)

Bad Weather

It’s also worth asking your photographer what he/she would do if it happens to rain on the day. Professional photographers know how to handle anything a wedding can throw at them and won’t be phased by having to do all the photos, including the big ‘formal’ group photos, indoors.

Terms & Conditions Apply

..and finally.. NEVER EVER book a wedding photographer without signing a contract! It is important for both you and your photographer, that the services being delivered, and the terms and conditions are in writing and agreed by both of you. A good contract will define and protect the rights of all parties, not just the photographer. Professional photographers will not photograph a wedding without a contract being signed.

It’s worth checking as well, whether your photographer has insurance. Your wedding venue may require that they do!


Don’t worry about asking your photographer lots of questions. They will be more than happy to answer all of them. Take a look at our FAQ page for answers to many of the questions we get asked by clients who book us for their weddings!