Engagement Shoots


One of our most important jobs during a wedding is to get lovely, relaxed portraits of the newly-weds. This can be a challenge when there isn’t much time on the wedding day and couples, who are not used to having their photo taken, are feeling anxious about being in front of the camera.

We think that having an ‘engagement shoot’ before the wedding is so useful in helping to get great bride and groom portraits on your Big Day, that we include them as a standard part of all our wedding packages.

Here’s some information about what’s involved..

What is an ‘Engagement Shoot’?


We include an ‘engagement shoot’ as part of the wedding photography planning meeting that we have with you at the venue, about a month before the wedding. It is effectively a short ‘test-run’ photo session for your wedding day couple portraits.

The main purpose of the shoot is for us to all get familiar with working together and for you to get used to having your photo taken professionally. We can also try out different photography locations around the venue and some different ‘poses’ with you to see what works and what kind of thing you like.

Why are they so useful?


One of the biggest advantages of the engagement session is that it helps you to get over any camera shyness before the wedding.

Our couples often tell us that they feel a bit anxious before the engagement shoot, especially if it is in quite a public place, but by the end of it they are quite used to standing in front of a camera and even enjoy the experience!

This means that on your wedding day, we can get lovely relaxed looking portraits quickly and efficiently and, because you’ve done it all before, it will be more fun for you too!

Will you Help Us to Pose?

As part of the engagement shoot, we give you a little ‘coaching’ on how to pose for the camera. Nearly all of our couples tell us that they want their wedding portrait photos to look relaxed and natural, so it might sound a little counter-intuitive that we coach you on how to pose.

For most people, standing in front of a camera isn’t actually a terribly natural thing to do and they tend to tense up the minute you point a camera at them, instantly making the photos look stiff and awkward. We have some ‘posing’ techniques that will help you look relaxed in your photos, even if you don’t feel it!


Do I Get the Photos From the Shoot?


We give you 5-10 edited digital images from the session, so it’s a great way to get some more relaxed and casual professional photos of you as an ‘everyday’ couple. The images are high-resolution print-quality files which you can print or copy yourself, or use in your wedding styling for example on signing prints or guest books if you want.

What do Clients Think?

Here’s some feedback from one of our lovely brides, Colleen, on their engagement shoot..

“I was sooo nervous before our engagement shoot… but by the end I was loving every second of it… it was so much fun… and the images were amazing. By the time our wedding came around I was so relaxed with Monica and Clark that the photographs were a breeze… I was not one little bit anxious or nervous… and again the images are beautiful. I would definitely recommend having an engagement shoot… of course it helps if it’s Monica and Clark doing the shoots as they are both so friendly and approachable!